Automate your outreach and close deals faster

Our CRM puts automation at the heart of your sales process, freeing your team to focus on building relationships and driving revenue.

Bizbox Sales Automation:

A Game-Changer

Make Data-
Driven Decisions

Prioritize your most effective channels and campaigns for smarter marketing investments.

Sales Routing

Maximize your team's potential by automatically assigning leads based on expertise and availability.

Prioritize Your Hottest Leads

Identify high-potential leads, personalize your outreach, and accelerate your sales cycle.

Predict Deal Outcomes

Our AI-driven win probability scores help your sales team focus on high-potential deals, and achieve better outcomes.

Automate your outreach
and close deals faster

Close deals faster with personalized outreach.

Target the right people with the right message, automatically. Our segmentation tools boost engagement and accelerate your sales cycle.

Unlock the Power of Account-Based Marketing

Supercharge your outreach with granular segmentation. Deliver tailored messages that speak directly to your ideal customers, increasing engagement and accelerating deals.

Nurture Leads with Personalized Outreach and Streamlined Scheduling

Provide 1:1 support and build meaningful relationships with your leads. Capture their information effortlessly using customizable forms, making it easy to schedule meetings, demos, and consultations that drive conversions.

Boost Sales Performance and Lower Acquisition Costs with Win Probability

Identify high-value leads, optimize outreach, and close deals faster with data-driven insights. Automate where possible, personalize when necessary, and achieve greater sales success with a smarter approach.

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